Production still: The Closettes at Malkin Bowl, Stanley Park.

Gayblevision | "for gay people, by gay people"


Gayblevision was one of Canada’s earliest TV series produced “by gay people for gay people”. It was broadcast on Vancouver Cable 10 through its West End Neighbourhood production centre (located in the West End Community Centre) between 1980 and 1986. Gayblevision was a rare first-hand media account of Vancouver’s LGBTQ communities during years of tremendous growth and upheaval; documenting the LGTBQ2S+ people, organizations, businesses and events that defined Vancouver West End’s Davie Village in the early 1980s.The series aired monthly on the first and third Tuesday of the month. In addition to regular episodes, Gayblevision also produced a series of in-depth Specials. For a brief time, it broadcast as Pacific Wave.

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Custodial History


-Don Durrell gifted video materials to VIVO Media Arts Centre in the early 1990s.

-Mary Anne McEwen’s bequest to VIVO of her personal archive in 2011 included Gayblevision episodes, raw footage of the Tennessee William’s interview, and some textual materials.

-Ron Kearse and Claude Hewitt donated photographic files in 2017.


Finding Aid

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How to access

Link to episodes, Specials, and surviving raw footage through the Content column. You can also browse Gayblevision videos through the Browse All Videos option.


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