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Film and Motherhood

October 8-22, 2021

The film and motherhood curatorial project is comprised of four programs: Experimental Shorts (online), Intimate Portraits (online), a Feature Length film (online), and Gallery Screening (in person). Curated by Gabriela Aceves Sepulveda, Sarah Shamash, and prOphecy Sun, the films all speak to the complex relationships to, engendered by, and toward motherhood. As we adapted our program to the conditions of the evolving pandemic, these works are selected from our local context on unceded Coast Salish territory in Vancouver and from international artist-filmmaker-mothers. As practicing media artists and mothers, we considered the roles and challenges of motherhood as explored through the diverse and culturally specific perspectives in the film and video programs presented. The diverse selection of films and videos on varied interpretations of “motherhood,” taken as a whole, self-reflect on the condition of being an artist/filmmaker today. 

The Film and Motherhood program is accompanied by a dialogue with filmmakers: Jules Koostachin, Nadine Valcin, Preta Performance, Clare Yow, Ghinwa Yassine, and Maternal Fantasies. This dialogue will be happening live on October 16th 2021.


Online Screening | October 8 – 22

Experimental Short Program

Mid Length: Intimate Portraits

Feature Length

On Site Screening

Experimental Short Program at Access Gallery

Online Dialogue | October 16 at 12:00 pm (PST)

Dialogue with filmmakers