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Film and Motherhood

Experimental Short Program

(Program run time approx. 63 minutes)

Safira Moreira


Brazil, 2017, 5mins

Synopsis:  In an intimate and poetic visual essay, Travessia searches for photographic records of black families. While exploring personal histories, the film gradually adopts a critical stance regarding the stigmatization and near absence of portrayals of black people. Finally affecting us with a tender visual counter-narrative of what remained unseen.


Director: Safira Moreira
Medium: DCP
Language: Portuguese

Clare Yow

Daughters of Our Diaspora

Canada, 2020, 3:35mins

Synopsis: Strong familial ties exist between culturally specific foods, embodied knowledge, and caregiving. While the artist’s mother cleans dried anchovies, she reflects on nourishment and family.

List of credits:

Director: Clare Yow
Language: English

Ghinwa Yassine

Family Photo

The Netherlands/Lebanon, 2014, 2mins

Synopsis: Among the leftovers of an identity, constantly morphing as it faces change, a family photo, a negotiation of what is lost and what is left.


Director: Ghinwa Yassine
Language: No language/silent

Preta Performance

Nossais Mães

Brazil, 2020, 5:27mins

Synopsis: Based on The Mothers of May testimonies and Yemanjá’s myths, this film is a way of evoking and revealing the power of Black Brazilian mothers.


Directed by Preta Performance: Dáda Felix, Luanah Cruz, Tarcilla Thais, Rodrigo Severo e Vinícius Soares
Language: Portuguese
Stage manager: Rodrigo Severo
Screenplay and editing: Luanah Cruz
Director of photography: Vinícius Soares
Production designer: Rodrigo Severo e Vinícius Soares
Sound design: Luanah Cruz
Decoupage: Tarcilla Thaís
Cast: Dáda Felix e Luanah Cruz
Voice over and singing: Dáda Felix e Luanah Cruz
Participation: Maria Luabella
Filming and finalization: Vinícius Soares
Produced by Preta Performance
Research Support: Rosenilton Silva de Oliveira
Special thanks: The Mothers of May 

Erin Siddal


Canada, 2010, 3mins


Artist: Erin Siddall
Language: S
ilent (English titles)
16mm film transferred to video

Navarana Igliorte


2018, 3:20mins

Synopsis: Domesticated was made when my children were young. The act of making this film, dressing up and dancing in the snow was a reaction to relieve the monotony and relentlessness of housework.


Directed by Navarana Igloliorte
Format: Super8 Film
Year of Production: 2015
Performance by Navarana Igloliorte
Filmed by Linda Dornan
Photography by Mark Igloliorte
Costumes by Sue RoseMusic by Bonjay, Stumble
Made in support of Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre, Sackville NB 

Lois Klassen

Endearing Enduring

Canada, 2004, 6:40mins

Synopsis: Pre-teen boys creatively enact war with toy and improvised weapons, while a woman makes a patchwork blanket for an NGO using a vintage sewing machine. 

Director: Lois Klassen
Language: English

Nadine Valcin


Canada, 2016, 1min

Synopsis: Whitewash brings to light part of the often forgotten history of slavery in Canada and exposes the traces that remain of it on  Prince Edward Island. 


Director: Nadine Valcin
Language: English

Maternal Fantasies

Suspended Time, On Caring

Germany, 2020, 12mins

Synopsis: The film proposes new visual performative translations of the maternal experience by integrating intergenerational knowledge, and by countering social invisibility with collective fantastical visibility.


Voiceovers with text excerpts from ABC of Motherhood by Maternal Fantasies; Generational Line by Magdalena Kallenberger; W for Work by Isabell Spengler; Of Women Born by Adrienne Rich; The Laugh of the Medusa by Hélène Cixous; Enduring Time by Lisa Baraitser.
oncept, direction, performance, voices, camera, sound, costumes and props: Maternal Fantasies.
Dramatic construction, editing and sound design: Isabell Spengler
Music: Melanie Schlachter and by Daniel Adams & Emanuel Geisser
Supported by: Arthur-Boskamp Stiftung, betOnest-art residency, Nouras Hanana, Jan Köpper and all our partners in parenthood.
Copyright: maternal fantasies collective, 2020

Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda


Mexico/Canada, 2011/13, 14:25

Synopsis: Escribiendome is a two-channel video that addresses the relationship between language, writing and subject formation in a bi-cultural context. The video explores how words and languages shape our sense of self and how, in turn, through life experiences, we blur, transgress and shape the meanings of the words used to define and categorize us. In one video channel, I write words in English:  friend, artist, designer, student, Mexican, Canadian, migrant, landed immigrant, Latin, woman, minority, citizen, spouse, alien, mother. In the other channel of video, I write words in Spanish: hija (daughter), sobrina (niece), nieta (granddaughter), prima (cousin), mujer (woman), comadre, amiga (friend), tapatía, (…).


Director: Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda

Kathleen Hepburn

Perfumed Dreaming

Canada, 2020, 5mins

Synopsis: Anticipating the birth of her first child and grieving the loss of her own mother, perfume artist Megan Hepburn uses scent to conjure emotional memories of maternal love.


Directed by Kathleen Hepburn